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The Stick Doctor


Have your stick strung by VBS’s very own Jake Holava!

Stick Stringing Request Form Instructions:

  1. Fill out the order form below and hit “Submit”
  2. Place head and check made out to “United Lacrosse” in box
  3. Be sure to include Name and Phone Number in box and ship to address below

Please include a check payable to Scott Holava for the respective amounts below:

VBS Stick Stringing Costs
Stick Type Cost
Standard Strung Heads $35 per head
Z Pocket Strung Heads $40 per head
Leather Strung Heads (Boys and Girls) $60 per head
Goalie Strung Heads $60 per head
Double SideWalls ADD $3
If Shipping please add $7 to total

For all Stick Stringing inquiries please contact:

Coach H

{rsform 4}

Lacrosse stick stringing