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Discover the joy of lacrosse in a welcoming, stress-free setting at LaxTykes clinics.


Are you ready to dive into the world of lacrosse and have a blast while doing it? Look no further than LaxTykes clinics! Our primary goal is to provide a fantastic learning experience for all players in a friendly, low-pressure environment.

At LaxTykes, we believe that learning should be an enjoyable journey, and that’s why all our sessions are guided by the expertise of VB Select Coaches. These skilled instructors are dedicated to fostering a love for lacrosse while helping players build their skills and confidence.

Where Fun and Learning Go Hand in Hand!

LaxTykes is a 6-session introductory clinic for beginner boys and girls (5-10 years old) looking to try lacrosse, the fastest game on two feet and the fastest-growing sport in the country! Our clinic introduces first-time players and those with limited experience to the fundamentals of throwing, catching, scooping, cradling, and other basic skills.

For beginners, we have something extra special in store. You’ll get to work through your lacrosse skills in small groups, alongside amazing High School juniors and seniors who are not only long-time VB Select campers but also respected leaders within their respective lacrosse communities across Virginia Beach. They’re here to share their passion for the sport and to mentor you throughout your learning process.

Equipment Needed

Worried about equipment? Don’t be! While participants are welcome to bring their own sticks, we’ve got you covered. If you need a stick to use during the clinic, simply let us know during the registration process, and we’ll make sure to have one ready for you. We want you to focus on having a great time on the field!

When it comes to footwear, comfortable cleats or sneakers are recommended to ensure you can move freely and confidently during the clinic.

Oh, and here’s a cool tidbit – during the clinic, we’ll be using only sticks and soft lacrosse balls. That means you won’t need any other lacrosse equipment. How convenient is that?

At LaxTykes, it’s not just about learning lacrosse; it’s about forging new friendships, embracing the spirit of teamwork, and celebrating every little victory together. We’re all about creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere, where players of all levels can thrive and grow.

So, if you’re excited to embark on an unforgettable lacrosse adventure, join us at LaxTykes! Let’s learn, play, and cheer each other on as we discover the joy of lacrosse in the beautiful Virginia Beach community. Register today and get ready to have the time of your life!

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