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How not to get recruited

Club tourneys and recruiting events seem to always be in full swing, despite the time of year. It’s getting incredibly competitive as there are more and more kids playing and training at high levels. Normally I give advice on what to do, but...

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Top Lacrosse Recruiting Camps

Showcase lacrosse camps, also known as showcases, are essential to any player hoping to play college. It's important to know the right recruiting camps to attend and how to make the most out of them. VB Select programs can help get you ready.

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Play Multiple Sports

When it comes to multi-sport athletes, the research and statistics are out there, and most coaches and youth sports programs are aware of them. Here are the facts (courtesy of Changing the Game Project):

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Recruiting Process

The recruiting process is just that ... a process. There are several important steps to being recruited by college coaches. The most common questions asked by prospects and parents usually involve "when" certain steps should occur. Listed below are...


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