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Getting Coaches to Watch You

Update Coaches on Your Progress

One or two responses from coaches don’t mean that you are guaranteed to be recruited by them, or that you are even a serious candidate. You need to actively follow up with coaches by sending them updates on recent athletic or academic accomplishments. Coaches will NOT let you know if they are no longer interested – it is your job to check in with them about your status.

Let Coaches Know Your Schedule

You need to be proactive in letting coaches know exactly what your high school and or club team schedule is. The key is to already be in contact with a coach and let them know exactly where you will be and see if they will come to watch you. Just because you see a coach watching your game doesn’t mean they are watching you.

This is especially important for baseball, basketball, bowling, fencing, field hockey, football, gymnastics, hockey, lacrosse, rifle, rowing, skiing, soccer, softball, volleyball, and water polo.

Find Out Where a Coach Will Be

Ask the coach which camps/showcases he will be at, sign up to attend those camps/showcases, and let coaches know to watch for you.