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Traits of a Great Men’s Lacrosse Defenseman

A great men’s lacrosse defenseman possesses a distinct set of positive traits that make them a valuable asset to the team’s defense. Here are some key qualities typically associated with exceptional defensemen:

  1. Physicality and Strength: Defensemen need to be physically strong and possess the ability to engage in physical battles with opposing attackers. They use their strength to maintain position, apply effective body checks, and disrupt the opponent’s offensive plays. Their physical presence on the field can intimidate opponents and create turnovers.
  2. Defensive Positioning: A great defenseman understands the importance of positioning in lacrosse. They have excellent spatial awareness and know how to position themselves to deny passing lanes, limit shooting opportunities, and force attackers into less favorable positions. Their ability to maintain proper defensive positioning is crucial in disrupting the opponent’s offense.
  3. Stick Checks and Takeaway Ability: Defensemen have strong stick skills and excel at executing precise stick checks. They can poke, lift, and slap at the opponent’s stick to disrupt ball control and force turnovers. A great defenseman also has the ability to execute timely takeaway checks, dislodging the ball from the opponent’s possession.
  4. Footwork and Agility: Defensemen must possess quick footwork and agility to stay with their opponents and react to their movements effectively. They have the ability to mirror attackers, change direction rapidly, and stay in close proximity to their assigned opponent. Their agility allows them to maintain defensive coverage and challenge opposing players effectively.
  5. Communication and Leadership: Great defensemen are strong communicators and leaders on the field. They provide clear instructions to their teammates, directing defensive strategies, and ensuring everyone is in the right position. Their ability to effectively communicate and lead the defense contributes to the team’s overall cohesiveness.
  6. Ground Ball Skills: Defensemen play a crucial role in winning ground balls and gaining possession for their team. They have excellent stick skills and the determination to battle for loose balls. Their ability to scoop up ground balls efficiently, even in high-pressure situations, allows them to transition the ball to the offense and prevent the opponent from gaining possession.
  7. Clearing Ability: Defensemen are responsible for initiating the transition from defense to offense. They possess strong clearing abilities and can make accurate passes to teammates in transition. Their ability to navigate through pressure and make smart decisions during clearing attempts contributes to the team’s overall offensive flow.
  8. Lacrosse IQ: A great defenseman possesses a deep understanding of the game. They have a high lacrosse IQ and can read offensive plays, anticipate moves, and make split-second decisions. Their intelligence on the field allows them to react quickly and effectively to the opponent’s offensive strategies.
  9. Resilience and Composure: Defensemen must remain composed and resilient, even in high-pressure situations. They face challenging attackers and potential scoring opportunities against them. A great defenseman can handle these situations with calmness, making smart decisions and preventing panic within the defensive unit.
  10. Work Ethic and Determination: Exceptional defensemen are known for their work ethic and determination. They consistently put in the effort to improve their skills, both in practice and during games. They have a relentless drive to excel in their defensive responsibilities and make significant contributions to the team’s success.

These positive traits collectively contribute to the success of a great men’s lacrosse defenseman. Their physicality, defensive positioning, stick checks, communication, and leadership qualities make them a crucial component of the team’s defense.

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