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Positivity Leads to Winning

People think being positive means being less ambitious, less gritty, and less competitive but the truth is you can be positive and competitive. You can be positive and fierce. You can have a humble heart, a positive attitude, and a warrior spirit.

Too many equate positivity with weakness but it is a source of courage and strength.

People think you have to choose between positivity and winning but I’ve found with all the leaders I’ve worked with; positivity leads to winning.

Because you believe the best is yet to come you give your best and expect the best from your team to create the best outcome.

So, as you work on becoming a more positive person and leader remember you don’t have to sacrifice your competitive spirit. You don’t have to lose your ambition. And you don’t have to give up your quest for excellence.

Sometimes the most positive thing you can do is turn fear into fuel, frustration into focus, and failure into finishing strong!