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Agile Athlete: Elevating Your Footwork in Lacrosse

Have you ever been instructed by a coach to enhance your speed and footwork? It’s a common feedback players receive from coaches and scouts, and the question that inevitably arises is: How can I improve my footwork? This question is completely valid.

As the pace of lacrosse continues to accelerate with each passing season, players must cultivate the ability to move swiftly, lightly, and with agility. This not only enables them to keep up with the game but also creates scoring opportunities on the offensive side and thwarts elusive opponents on defense. While some “quick feet gurus” have athletes navigate obstacle courses and focus on accumulating as many touches as possible, these exercises seldom translate into actual on-field movement mechanics.

For lacrosse players, the key is to challenge their footwork, aiming not merely to “move their feet faster” but to cultivate genuinely elite quickness. However, this doesn’t imply that quick-feet drills lack value for lacrosse players. In fact, we highly appreciate quick feet drills for three crucial reasons:

  1. Enhanced kinesthetic awareness: These drills help develop movement mastery and the ability to move more athletically and fluidly.
  2. Improved expression of power by the nervous system: Moving quickly and explosively primarily relies on the nervous system’s capacity to generate rapid bursts of power.
  3. Refined movement mechanics: Quick feet drills enable lacrosse players to refine their movements, helping them attain better positions and postures to optimize speed. This involves moving lower, lighter, and with greater athleticism.

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The Best Quick Feet Drills for Lacrosse Players


While there may be a lot of superficial information out there regarding quick feet training, our aim is to provide you with actionable drills and workouts from Day 1 that will genuinely enhance your speed and agility.

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