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Simple, Effective & Spartan: 10-Minute Burpee Workouts

So we talk a lot about burpees as Spartans. You can read more hereherehere, and here. Burpees are so effective that they can provide you with a full-body workout in only 10 minutes.

The purpose of this week of workouts is to show you how creative you can be with this one simple move in your training toolbox. These burpee workouts will make you sweat, burn calories and build muscular endurance in record time.

Get ready to enter the burpee zone.

Monday: 10-Minute Burpee Breakdown

Take 10 minutes to practice each part of your burpee mechanics. You do this by breaking down each component of the burpee: the squat, the squat thrust, the squat thrust with push-ups, and then a full burpee with a vertical jump.

2-minute jumping jacks/seal jacks
1-minute squats
1-minute squat thrusts
1-minute squat thrusts with push-ups
1-minute burpees (hard, fast).
1-minute rest (jog in place)
1 minute burpees (moderate intensity)
1-minute rest (jog in place)
1 minute burpees (slow and steady, but solid)

Tuesday: Burpee Ladder

Start your timer.
Do 1 burpee. Rest 5 seconds.
Do 2 burpees. Rest 5 seconds.
Do 3 burpees. Rest 5 seconds.
Do 4 burpees….

When you reach a point in your consecutive burpees that you need to stop and rest, it’s time to rest as needed and then start back at 1.

Continue this for a full 10-minute interval. Try and keep the burpees paced slow and steady. How many burpees can you get up to?

Wednesday: Burpee Strength Conditioning

Find a sandbag or a rock.

Do a burpee.

Pick up your sandbag or rock and do a chest pass forward. Walk up to sandbag/rock and repeat.

How far can you go? Try it at the track to find out.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Burpees EMOM

Do burpees every minute, on the minute. Can you do 10 per minute? That’s 100 burpees in 10 minutes.

Saturday: Run and Burpees

Run 1 minute.

1 minute slow and steady burpees.

Repeat x 5

(For a full endurance workout do this for up to 30 minutes.)

Sunday: Rest Day